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Registered membership

Qualified counsellors with Registered or Accredited status can apply for Registered membership from the Join us page of the website.

On submitting the “Apply for Registered Membership” form, the user is automatically registered with a WordPress account on the website, and receives an email telling them how to log into their account. They have not been given Registered membership at this point, as payment has not been received. At the same time, SWACP receives the application for Registered membership by email.

The applicant is then presented with a page which allows them to select a payment method.


If Pay by BACS is selected, the member is set up with Registered membership, pending receipt of payment. They receive an email from the website, with details of how to pay. Once payment has been received by SWACP, the administrator will need to mark the invoice as “Paid” as follows:

  1. Go to Memberships / Billing on the WordPress Dashboard
  2. Hover over the invoice number next to the username of the member (the username will be on the application form)
  3. Click “Mark as Paid”.

The member will receive an email from the system to notify them that their Registered membership is active.


If Pay by PayPal is selected, assuming the payment is successful, the user’s Registered membership is activated and they receive an email to confirm this.

If the payment fails, the user receives an email with the payment link so that they can try again (either by PayPal or by BACS). The administrator receives a copy of this email.

The signup link, in case it needs to be given to the user manually, is:


(Please advise the member that they will need to log in at www.swacp.co.uk/members-area before following the link)

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